Verify/Find list of Plug-ins deployed in Appian Using Java API

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Hi All,


We have business case where we need to get the list plug-in deployed using Plug-ins/Smart Services and/or get the status of new deployed plug-ins using Java API.

Do any one have worked something like this, Any thoughts?

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  • Not sure if this helps the discussions or not, but the plug in name, functionality and module type (Smart Service, Function etc) are listed in a healthcheck file on the root directory of the system - hc-plugins.csv.

    A further file, hc-process-nodes.csv will then list all the types of nodes in all process models the healthcheck has analysed.

    The plug in key and module key combined from the hc-plugins.csv file should match the activity class local id on the hc-process-nodes.csv - that will then tell you which process model UUID is using which smart service.

    Not sure if this helps anyone or not.
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