Execution engines are starting state only after upgrading to 18.4

Hi All,

We are trying to upgrade appian from 18.3 to 18.4.

Followed the steps mentioned in update guide, when we try to start appian services after migrating the old data, all execution engines are  are in "STARTING" state only.

Any suggestion to troubleshoot this issue?


Thanks in advance,


  • Hi All,

    We have simular issue within our organization.

    Any suggestion to troubleshoot this issue ? Resolution know yet ?

    Marc Grietens
  • In reply to marcg40:

    service manager started @ 2/9/19 5:32 PM REACHABLE

    k license valid: true
    up time: 13 minutes 16 seconds

    Engine Mode State TxnId
    analytics00 REPLICA Down 281142
    analytics01 REPLICA Down 286824
    analytics02 REPLICA Down 303831
    channels PRIMARY Running 1304647
    content PRIMARY Running 4367623
    download-stats PRIMARY Running 20099524
    execution00 PRIMARY Starting 31340132
    execution01 PRIMARY Starting 32921257
    execution02 PRIMARY Starting 32265523
    forums PRIMARY Running 1304781
    groups PRIMARY Running 1446032
    notifications PRIMARY Running 1459424
    notifications-email PRIMARY Running 1547442
    portal PRIMARY Running 1305875
    process-design PRIMARY Running 41672305

    Kafka Broker Connectivity
    localhost:xxxx Reachable controller ISR: All replicas in sync (xxxx deleted port#)

    Zookeeper Connectivity
    localhost:xxxx Reachable standalone (xxxx deleted port#)

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