Not able to start Appian 19.1 Server on my laptop,

Not able to start Appian 19.1 Server on my laptop, need some help related to configuration of MYSQL server with appian and also with connectors.

I have placed the following connector jars in the (repo\appian\tomcat\apache-tomcat\lib)






I am trying to install appian server but having difficulty with configuring the MySql connection can you kindly tell me what is JNDI? what do I need to put in .xml file 


for tomcat.resource.xml

what should be in url after port/

is this the correct url? if I my sql servr is on local machine and the schema is appian_schema



and for file, should the data source look like this? 

I am new to appian and need to set an appian server on my local machine, I am setting up appian server for first time, kindly help me out.

I am attaching the log file along with the question

Any help would be really appreciated 

Thank you


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