How Can We Give The Security on Appian

hi, Can Any One Explain How Can We Give The Security on Appian

  • For every component, you can give security  by selecting that component you will see security tab, there you can give security as per your requirement, 

    for example, XYZ group viewer, xy Administrator 

  • In your Appian application, create groups, group can include the person who need to see the objects in your application.

    You can provide Application level security as well as object level security to your application.

    For Application level security-->

    Click on gear icon in the application top right corner, select application security and provide necessary group names for security and valid access level.

    For Object level Security-->

    click on any object, you will get security option, click there and provide valid group and there access level

    For more info refer

  • Hi Satheesh

    Read the following paragraph. It will help you

    Security plays a prominent role in Appian. All the application objects including Application can have
    security. Thus End users can work properly limiting their access based on the groups they are part of. In
    Appian always we need to set security based on Groups only.
    Application security enables users to restrict access only to the applications that they are working on.
    Within an Application based on the security of the process models we can restrict the users to display Actions and
    performing an Action only to the specific groups' users part of.
    Knowledge center security allows the user to upload or download the documents.
    Data Store security allows the user to persist the data into the Database and Retrieve Data from the

  • I'd suggest reviewing Academy Online

    There is a course called "Enable Access and Manage Permissions with Users and Groups" that should explain how security works in Appian.

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