Dynamically create user and associate to groups while logging in

Hi ,

APPIAN is configured to support SSO via siteminder and it is working perfect. But we define user's group in an external system which can be accessed via web service(central system in our org for all kinds of authorization). So once the user is authenticated ,is there a way we can invoke the service and associate the user to the groups returned by this external service.(in this external system we define roles with exact group names ,what the service returns is group names configured in APPIAN). We need to associate the user to this groups during logging process.

Currently we are doing this whole process offline ; i.e we have nightly job which invokes the service for all user's configured in APPIAN and creates/updates the user's group as per the response of service. Yes ,for this to work we should have created the user profile manually up-front.

I am thinking of some kind of smart approach where we can 

-create the user profile

-associate to group after user is authenticated.



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