Attempting to import a project that I worked on during my 5 day training using the trial version of Appian, but don't have admin privileges

I am currently using the free trial version of Appian to and want to import a project that I made during my 5 day course at Appian. However when I attempt to import the project I get the error:

group _e-0000e34a-e08e-8000-9aee-01075c01075c_78 "BS VM Administrators": An error occurred while creating group [uuid=_e-0000e34a-e08e-8000-9aee-01075c01075c_78]: Insufficient permission (APNX-1-4071-007)

I am unsure if it is possible to give myself permissions similar to the training, but if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. 

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