Appian Daily backups

Hi all,

We are planning to backup Appian 18.4 on a daily Basis during the night, 15 minutes after the cronjob has executed. We see in the documentation that during an upgrade it is recommended to backup the whold Appian Home Folder. However for daily backups the recommendation is run a script to copy only some specific data (latest kdb files, appian data, etc) and then restore the data manually when needed. It seems to us much easier to copy the whole appian Folder like we did during Upgrades. We have many customizations and running the script we dont copy custom data files. Do you think that is reasonable to backup the whole appian home Folder in order to make sure that we are backing up everything we Need? Do you see a Problem for that? The size is not a Problem. It is important not to stop the appian Server though.

Many thanks

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