Restore DR using only .kdb files

We have an issue with Appian's described backup and restore process.  Our VM backup/snapshot contains the server/kafka-logs directory.  Our shared disk (HA configuration) backup, however, is near realtime and so we would actually like to execute checkpoints at less busy times so that we always have a fresh (few hours old) set of .kdb files to which we can restore during a DR scenario.  However, since the VM Backup/snapshot is only once per day (restriction of the cloud we're on), the kafka-logs and the subsequent checkpoint .kdb files would become out of synch, with the .kdb files being newer.

In this scenario, will Appian figure out that the kafka logs are old and not use them?  Or will the lack of synchronization cause the system to fail?  Is there a way that we could "empty" the kafka-logs, so that only the .kdb files are used?

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