Appian Permanent License(K3.lic and K4.lic) to run Appian in docker

I am trying to install Appian in docker.
I have used the temporary licenses(k3.lic and k4.lic) to run Appian in docker containers. 
But for requesting a permanent license I followed the documentation.
I followed these steps:

To generate the q output, navigate to the following location:

  • Linux: <APPIAN_HOME>/data-server/engine/bin/q/l64/
  • Windows: <APPIAN_HOME>\data-server\engine\bin\q\w64\

Use the following commands to run the executable:

  • Linux: QHOME=.. ./q
and got the output as
when i pasted it for requesting license i got this ERROR. attaching the image of the error.
Please say the process for getting permanent license for my docker conatiners.

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