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Is there any way we can set the user start page as a site without configuring it in the Admin suite??

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  • User Start Pages will need to be configured in the Admin Console.  However, you will identify Groups and their start pages here, then you can add/remove users from the groups outside of the Admin Console.  Otherwise, AFAIK there is no way to configure the group vs start page association other than within /admin.  

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    A really important question might be, "What is the use-case for doing this without utilizing the Admin Console?"

  • The use case for doing this is using automated processes when setting up a new environment. The first thing to do is export the Admin Console, modify the properties for the new environment, then import into the new environment. The start pages depend on groups, which must be defined in an application, creating a circular dependency that can not be resolved, unless we can override the value of the start pages. If no applications have been imported, it is not possible to set the start pages because the groups do not yet exist. It would be nice to set the start pages in the customization properties, so they can be defaulted to empty to start, then added (as properties) per environment.

    Having no way to set an admin property like this means lots of manual setup for a new environment. This is true for any admin console setting that does not have a property in the property file.

  • Can you deploy the application and the admin console properties together? There is an option in the admin console when importing where you can also designate applications to be deployed at the same time.

  • We have over 20 applications with Data Sources and / or Start pages in the Admin Console (we will be migrating to Connected System Data Sources, but that is not done yet). This solution means we would have to export and import the Admin Console and 20 applications all at once - not reasonable.

    It would be nice to be able to really configure all fields (include or do not include) in the Admin console. I have tried "isDefault" and a number of other methods with no luck.