External deployment - limitation?

Hello Appian group,

Today I have probably observed one limitation for external deployment:


In the case if I am importing by using external tool (used deployment REST API) package from older version to newest version of Appian (20.1 -> 21.3) - the external deployment failed -  ERROR An external deployment can only target a single application, but the external deployment [uuid=956fdfb0-920a-48bb-b9a1-ef445630b1e5] targets 0 applications.


If I am repeat the same deployment - but instead external deployment I am use manual one. Deployment is successful


In the case if I am importing whole application (from older version 20.1 to newer 21.3) - everything works properly for external and manual deployment


In the case if I am importing package (the same package which failed from importing older version to newer version), but if this package is created on newer version 21.3. So, it is imported from 21.3 -> 21.3 - the external deployment is successful.

Do you aware of such behavior? Or any tips or hints why the external deployment behave little bit different?

Thanks in advance,


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