Change default login URL when OpenID Connect SSO is active

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Hi all,

I've got OpenID Connect (Google) set up on my environment for SSO and it works perfectly.

I've got SSO set up for employees but guest/test accounts still use the usual username/password to access the environment.

Problem is that all of the usual login links or or all now default to the Google page where you select your Google account to log in with. That's fine if you're an employee but if you're not, there's no option/link to redirect you to the native Appian login page to enter your username and password. Unless somebody knows the native link, they'll just be stuck in a Google and Appian loop where they're unable to sign in. If they try their Google account (which obviously won't work as they're not employees) it takes them to the Unauthorized page. If they then click on Return it takes them back to the Google page.

What do I need to change to have all the usual pages redirect to the standard login page below?

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