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I'm working on a module called Query your Data. It's asking for hands on practice. Generate a Record Type Selection Query. It asks me the following: But the Query Your Data App is not available on the Appian Designer page. What can I do about this or did I miss buliding that somewhere along the way? 

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Generate a Record Type Selection Query

For this exercise, imagine you are an Acme Auto developer. You need to create a query that returns a list of vehicles. That list must include all Vehicle record fields and the cost field from the Maintenance record type. The query should only show the data property.

In your Appian Community Edition environment, navigate to your Query Your Data application. Since you're creating a selection query, you will use the query editor to generate this query. Complete the following tasks and check them off when complete. Review the Check Your Work section when done or if you get stuck.

  • Create a new expression rule named QYD_L3_E1. Give it a description and save it in the QYD Rules & Constants folder.

  • Launch the query editor, and select the Vehicle record type as the data source

  • Configure the query to return all Vehicle record fields and the Cost field in the one-to-many aaMaintenance relationship (only the data property should be returned)

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