I can't access my administrator account (I'm the Master Admin)


I am the administrator of my account, today I tried to log in like every day, and it appeared that the username and password are wrong (I have not changed either the username or the password).

I click on "Forgot your password?" , I enter the username of my account and I receive the following in my email:


Dear Master Admin,

We recently received a request to reset your password. However, it is not currently possible to reset your password because your user account is deactivated.

You should contact your site administrator if you need to reset your password or if you did not expect this email.

Thank you,



See the images bellow

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    1. Contact your site administrator: The email specifically instructs you to reach out to your site administrator if you need to reset your password or didn't expect the deactivation. This is the most direct approach to getting your account reactivated.

    2. Provide necessary information: When contacting your site administrator, be prepared to provide your username or email address associated with the Appian account and any other relevant details mentioned in the email. Explain that you haven't changed your password and request clarification on why your account was deactivated.

    3. Wait for their response: The site administrator will be able to assist you further and advise on the necessary steps to restore your account access.

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