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Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well.

I'm trying to use assignment at Process Modeler, and do an action related to update a record. (any of them). I can use the action if I don't assign it to anyone for approval.

I can't use any assignment>This node will be assigned as a task to a person or a group of people>user, I can't assign anything to anyone. I've tested with some update actions, in some records and there is the same error message, when I try to do de action, related to that process modeler.

Does anyone knows why I'm getting this error? Thanks in advance! Have an excellent day.

Best regards, Jose.

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    I'm not really clear on what's happening - could you provide some further detail as to the exact configuration of your related action?  I don't immediately know why you would be getting an error message referencing JSON - are you intentionally passing JSON somewhere?

  • Hello Mike! thank you for your response, 

    I'm doing a generic update record action, in that action I'm trying to use assigned tasks to administrators, and get the email.

    About JSON, I'm not passing anything (intentionally) related to it.

    If I check the option #1. "This node will be ssigned as a task to a person or a group of people", just like the next screenshot, I will get the JSON error. I need to set "This node will run as an automated activity..." Option #2:

    Those are my users.

    This is my generic Process Modeler

    Is there any information aditional that I can share with you?

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    in reply to josebarrios

    From the looks of your first and last screenshots, you're trying to assign your WTDS node to a user/users - but this is not an attended activity, and should be set to run as an automated activity (preferably "run as whoever designed this process model").

    The only attended activity I can see in your model diagram is the Start Node, which is not assignable as it will be completed by whoever starts the Related Action.

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