Setting Up A Supervisor And Direct Reportee Relationship in Appian (Without LDAP)

Hi All,

Lot of times, we get a requirement like a supervisor should be able to reassign the tasks assigned to his/her direct reportees.

When there is only one supervisor group in an application, it can be managed with groups. But when we have multiple supervisor groups in an application/organization and each one having their own list of reportees, what would be the best approach to design this relationship in Appian. Kindly provide your suggestions where LDAP is not an option:)

Use case would be like, a supervisor user logs in. He/She can see all the list of tasks assigned to the Users/Groups which are under him/her and able to reassign to other users who report to him.



  • This would be fairly straightforward to develop a custom database-backed solution for; make a table to store teams, where each team gets a leader and then specific members.  You might want to build an action accessible to the product owners / administrators to allow defining of new teams and their team members.  Afterward, the system could decide what it shows any individual user based on whether they're on a team, a leader of a team, etc.

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