Appian Cloud default Mysql vs External Db

I am interested in a better understanding of pros and cons of the default cloud mysql db opposite with an external db.

As far as I know:

The instance of MySQL is not provided as a full-featured database solution. Customers who want a full-featured database can host their own relational database and connect to it over the Internet or through VPN.
( What does it mean basically?
The Mysql is not accessible externally, although it is possible to configure several rest endpoints exposing db operations
This year old discussion lists some limits of the Mysql, but I failed to collect them from the official documentation. Are they still valid today?
From the phpmyadmin I realized that importing sql file is limited to 2mb at a time, is this configuration overridable? And what else could be configured?

My worries about adopting an external db are mainly focused on latency issues over network and connection between Appian itself and the database. Anyone did ever faced such troubles? What could be done assuming that the latency is not caused by customer network? Moreover, configuring an external db would imply more time and costs for our customers, so it should be justified.

A common use case for future projects would be retrieving a large amount of data from external web services (1mb to 20mb at once) that need to be stored in db. The same amount of data could be used in interfaces in order to display aggregated information.

In conclusion, what should be considered between these solutions?

(ps. I cannot include any tag to this post because there is a bug that whitens the entire web page, forcing me to refresh the page)

  • I think Appian can offer you custom settings for DB for a fair amount of money, but I don't know if this will be the case for a full featured DB. You can raise a support ticket with Appian to check it out what are the limitations.

    Choosing an external DB there offers always cons and pros, depending on what you do. For example, for one of my client I've chosen the external DB because of the infrastructure and the integration with 3rd party tools. He had everything in Azure and MS SQL seemed to be the right fit, especially that it was using Power BI to generates reports from my app DB.

    No one can answer better to this question, except yourself. You know better how is the client infracture, what integration the app will need, etc.

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