What applications to create on a new project

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This question might have already been answered before but I havent found anything.

When starting a new Project, what are the recommended applications to create? One for the CDTs / Database and another one for the rest (rules, forms, records, process models, groups)?

Or should we create more? The application could potentially grow a lot with the time.

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  • A very wise trainer drilled into my brain that an application [in this context] is just "a collection of objects".
    The primary purpose of an application is to move objects from one environment to another.

    In previous versions of Appian, that product's dependency checking on import wasn't as good as it is today.  You needed a DS application to prevent dependency errors when importing new applications.  Product improvements over the years include smarter imports that recognize new data stores / entities first, so as to prevent dependency errors.

    All that is to say that, for starters, one application is acceptable.

    Over time, as your application grows, you might like to create new application objects for different reasons.  For example, after a major release, you might want to create an <<APP>> R2 application to help you more easily keep track of the objects that were added or changed after the first release.  You can do this again for R3.  

    Some teams like to make a new application every day to further facilitate ultra-fine-grained tracking of changes. 
    There are pros and cons to this approach that I'm not going to get into now.

    Do what works for you and your organization.  

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