Health Check using Admin Console in 19.4

We are a cloud customer and recently upgraded to 19.4. We stagger our upgrades to DEV, TEST and PROD in order to do regression testing prior to upgrading in PROD.  We ran Health Checks in DEV and TEST using the Health Check application but before we could do so in PROD, a 19.4 patch that was deployed to all environments changed this process. It is now a feature added to the Admin Console and required us to have the plugin removed before we could use this option. We had the plugin removed from all 3 environments and deleted the Health Check application in DEV and TEST but we need an administrator to delete it in PROD - which is scheduled to be done next Wed. However, we want to run the Health Check in PROD before that. Will having the old Health Check application there cause any issues if we try to use the Health Check option in the Admin Console? 

  • Hi Judy, 

    If I understand correctly, you are saying that you have the old Health Check application deployed on a PROD environment at the moment, and that you would like to run Health Check from the Admin Console, and want to know if there is any risk to doing so?

    As long as the Health Check plug-in is not installed on your PROD environment, then you can run Health Check from the Admin Console without risk (even if the application is still present). The old application is essentially rendered useless once the plug-in is uninstalled from an environment. We recommend removing the old application to help keep your environment clean, but you can choose to leave it if you'd prefer that.

    Glad to hear that you are going to try out the new Health Check Admin Console feature! 


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