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Hello Appian Community,

I have a question about the exercise in the Appian 20.1 Developer Skills Practice Guide.

The instruction says to rename a rule input in a form witch is generated based on a custom data type VFM_Vehicle.

The autogenerated name is VFM_Vehicle so the same as the Date Type, the instructions say to rename it to vehicle because thats best practice for naming variables.

In the following steps in the instructions the variables of the Date type are called like ri!VHM_Vehicle.category and ri!_Vehicle.mileage.

I my situation this results in an error because i renamed to vehicle, so i must use ri!vehicle.category an ri!vehicle.mileage.

So this seems a mistake in the instructions, but now i wonder what is best practice in this situation. VHM_Vehicle or vehicle. Is it VHM_Vehicle because its an object? or is vehicle the correct naming?

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