Renaming an application and all objects in multiple environments

I need to rename my main application and all of the objects in the application (about 600 objects).  This application exists in dev and has been deployed to QA, Stage and Prod environments, all of which are cloud and on version 20.3. 

  1. To rename the application, do I rename it in each environment manually, or is there a different best practice for renaming apps in multiple environments?
  2. Is there an efficient way to rename all objects in an application, or is the only way to rename each object manually?
  3. After renaming the application and its objects in my Dev environment, will this cause any issues with deployment to higher environments? What best practices do I need to consider in this scenario?

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    The officially supported method:

    1. In dev, rename the application
    2. Rename the objects in the application that need renaming (the only "supported" method is to do so one at a time.)
    3. Deploy the entire application and its contents to other environments

    The renamings should then follow to the other environments as applicable. I don't know of any particular issues, though any deployment with a very large number of process models will usually take quite a while to complete.

    I should warn you in advance that it's exceptionally hard or impossible to rename CDTs, unfortunately - other than deleting and creating a new one from the original XSD which causes plenty of other issues.  If it were me, I'd plan to just leave the CDT names alone (if this applies to you), even if it means they end up with a naming convention mismatch.

  •  Thank you very much for you answer.  Is there any downside to renaming the applications individually in each environment? The reason to do this is that the contents of the applications are quite different across the environments at any given time, so it would be had to find an opportunity to re deploy the entire app to all environments.