Appian developer exam

Hello guys,

I failed for the developer exam for the second time now.

I studied for the Appian developer test for 180 hours, but i still failed the exam TWICE now. I'am lost i feel like i know everything but the way the questions are formulated is very hard. I just want to review the exam so i can maybe change my studying style.  i used the exam checklist, i studied the developer course, i took the practice test 12 times and i studied the appian documentation.



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  • Do not blame yourself, this test has zero in common with the practice test.  If you scored 100% on the actual test you would not be anywhere close to being able to build an app within their platform.  The test has more to do with Scrum, SQL, and Appian and their delivery method than it does with developing an application and that is frustrating. So do not be hard on yourself, it is a poorly designed test and the practice test is misleading as to what the actual test consists of.

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    i agree, it was a 180 degree turn in comparison to the practice exam and also the questions in the academy that i practiced.  

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