Appian developer exam

Hello guys,

I failed for the developer exam for the second time now.

I studied for the Appian developer test for 180 hours, but i still failed the exam TWICE now. I'am lost i feel like i know everything but the way the questions are formulated is very hard. I just want to review the exam so i can maybe change my studying style.  i used the exam checklist, i studied the developer course, i took the practice test 12 times and i studied the appian documentation.



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    HI, I would suggest you to work on actual project or Poc more rather than just studying tutorials and docs. Lot of things you will learn while working in a project. Dont lose hope.

  • Hi,Guys

    I will take my first appian developer exam in Jun and now i am preparing and took practise test.But not passed!!!!
    How long take a time to prepare is enough for pass appian developer exam?

    Thanks a lot.

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    you need mentors and groups and really "doing appian" like at least creating an exercise app. 
    to me by far the best way to learn it.

    Mentors can explain basic ideas and principles the moment they see in your eyes that something need to be explained in further detail in that specific section.
    I had the honor to learn just one week from one of the best (if not the best) right at my first week of doing appian.
    and besides his super deep knowledge, which was extremely helpful, it was more about the situation he could react to my questions right away. He could react the moment he realized that i was struggling with a certain aspect. That  he should explain a detail further that i really got the main ideas. absolutely priceless and thankful until that day. if one piece is missing the whole puzzle "appian" makes less sense.

    This interaction cannot really replaced in my mind. Videos a fine to support your journey.
    But really doing projects, seeing code of others or have a mentor challenging your approaches and then breaking it down with you, should be key.

  • Thank your advice.I try to create app and take more practise.
    Can i ask one more question?
    I want to know appian developer exam and practise test of passing score.I found in appian certification
    program of Exam FAQs.I didn't get any answer.

    Thanks a lot.

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