Fetching nodes for specific process model


is there any recommended/possible way to get all nodes for some process model as a List of node names or something similar? I have a specific requirement where I have to track what is already done and what has to be done and display the 'journey' on an interface. Although I know there can be several possible paths of executing future nodes (Based on a logic stored in gateways), I need to create an interface which will track what is already done and what else has to be done. The main problem is how to fetch all process nodes dynamically, by some function or something similar. As process will change from time to time, keeping track of process nodes in some parallel db tables and mapping it to process state is not a solution I would like to implement.

So If I have a following process model (this is just a simplified sketch, the real process model won't be linear and will have several possible flows):

I want to be able to show a flow status grid on a separate interface, showing which nodes are executed, and which nodes are still expected to execute (if skipped by gateway logic, we can mark them as skipped). Example of interface showing the process model instance execution status:

Thank you

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