connected system authorization is canceled after inactivity


I have a google drive connected system, I use it in an integration to create folders in google drive.

It works fine, but after a few minutes of inactivity or sign out my account, the authorization is canceled or expires and I have to re-authorize in my concept connected system for my integration to work again.

How can I always leave it active, without the need to authorize it every moment?

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  • Hi Lorenzo,

    Currently, I've added a gateway after the Google Drive smart service to determine if the push to Google Drive was successful.  When it is not, I have an administrator task that uses a!authorizationLink to re-authorize.  This helps to be able to complete the task when the drive push fails without going through Appian Designer and manually re-authorizing the connected system. 

    I have also considered trying to do a simple Get from Google drive every 55 minutes or so to keep the authorization active.  I have not tried this yet, so I am unsure if it will work.  If I implement that solution, I will update you.

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