Potential Design Flaw in Manually Entering Individual Users as Recipients in the "To:" Field of the "Send E-Mail Smart Service"

Hey everyone,

I've been going through the Appian Documentation for the "Send E-Mail Smart Service", and I have a question about adding recipients in the "To:" field. The documentation suggests various methods for adding users or groups, such as typing their names, selecting them from a list, or directly inputting email addresses with semicolon separation (;).

One concern I have is the design flaw when manually entering individual users, without using a group. Is there a way to find them later through some interface that allows me to find these users? My goal is to detect whether any of the manually entered individual recipients (e.g., the logged-in user, or any user that we will enter) appear in the "To:" field by searching through ALL the Process Models at once.

Additionally, I'm uncertain if there is a way to search through all the Process Models (maybe by using: Process Modeller -> Tools -> Generate Documentation). If you have any insights or guidance on how to accomplish this detection, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you for your help with these questions.

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  • Certified Lead Developer

    I consider static literals an anti-pattern that needs to checked for in a code/design review.

    Then, there is no "logged-in" user in a process.

    I think you need to take measures to avoid this scenario in the first place.

  • Thank you for the prompt response. I apologize for any confusion. To clarify, we want to check if any user has been manually entered as a recipient in the "To:" field. We intend to search through all the Process Models to identify instances where users have been added manually.

    Your suggestion to replace individually entered users with groups is valuable and matches our goals. We appreciate your input and support as we redesign the old Apps to address this issue.