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Hi All

Newbie to Appian.

Trying to find, by date & time, the latest (most recently uploaded) document in a folder; this is as far as I have got in an expression I am playing around with:


  items: folder(1234, "documentChildren"),

  expression: document(fv!item, "dateCreated")


Any good examples to help me finish this off, or can anyone suggest how to loop through each document and return the newest?

Example Algorithm in pseudo code I would like translated to Appianese.

MostRecentlyUploaded = initial ‘zero date’

For Each Documents Creation Date

              If Documents Creation Date > MostRecentlyUploaded Then

                             MostRecentlyUploaded = Documents Creation Date

              End if

End For

Return MostRecentlyUploaded /* The most recent date */



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