slow smart services

After i generate health check report they mention slow smart services (Text doc from template)  Description :30435 calls, 10300 ms peak average, 100% chained


In this smart service we call one expression to pass data to that template that expression are used decode base64string  that decode string length maximum 13000 characters because of this we get this issues?

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    Hii ,

    If this base64 decoding operation is performed frequently within the smart service (as indicated by the 30435 calls), it could contribute to the overall slowness of the service. The mention of "100% chained" suggests that the smart service calls might be chained, meaning that one service call is dependent on the completion of another. If the base64 decoding operation is part of this chain, it could further exacerbate the performance issue.

    If the chaining of smart service calls is causing performance bottlenecks, try to minimize dependencies between services or optimize the order in which they are called. If the input base64 strings are excessively large, consider limiting their size or finding alternative ways to handle them, such as streaming or chunking.