OR vs XOR gateway

Can anyone explain the difference between the usage of XOR and OR gateway through a real world business process?...



  • Real World Scenarios:
    XOR: Let us suppose you are buying stuff at a grocery store and you have coupons for the same.
    Once all the items are added the cashier is provided with 2 options(buttons) 'Proceed with Payment' and 'Add Coupons', so it is an either or statement, the flow is different on click of each option (if one proceeds the other should not), here we can use an XOR gateway. Because we need only one flow to proceed either to pay or to add coupons.

    For an OR Gateway: Suppose in a bank one wants to get a credit card, a debit card, open a fixed deposit, open a foreign exchange account and so on.. all of which are mutually exclusive of each other, one may choose any (1 or more) of the options provided, in this case one may use an OR Gateway and have different flows based on the options selected.

    Please treat the above given scenarios as examples and when encountered in real life the requirements around it may dictate the usage of the appropriate gateway.
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