Update value in database when approving a task

Hello everybody,

I need some help, it's probably really easy but I'm having some trouble. I started using Appian 10 days ago and I created a simple application. There's a dynamic form/wizard you can fill in. The data is stored in a data entity. The data from the data entity is displayed in a record grid. In this grid the data can be viewed as read only in the summary.

When the submit button is pressed a task is send to a user (initiator in this case). The task shows the form/wizard data as read only with radio buttons approve/reject and a submit button.

I'm trying to update the value in the database when that submit is pressed. In the summary I have the value displayed to see if it's working. That value remains empty now.


Everything except for updating the approve value is configured correctly.

My process model:

In User Input Task properties/Data/Inputs/ for the value in question I have:

Value set in parent: record

Save into: record.Approve

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