Finding diffs between actual and expected schema contents?

I'm still new to Appian, so I apologize if I get some of the terminology incorrect.

I am seeing deployment errors in the deploymentautomation.log:

2017-08-04 14:24:17,577 [main] INFO - Status: Failed. Current step: Inspecting Application.  Error message: Error occured during inspection. The database schema does not map to the structure expected by the following datastores: [33995, 3072, 3079]. No DDL files exist to update the datastore schema.

I work in an environment with privilege separation between model.publisher and the database users, so I cannot include the DDL files in the import package, and instead must run the scripts separately.  In this case, however, the database schema either contains something it shouldn't, or is missing something it needs, but the error message above isn't very helpful.  Does anyone know of another log file I can look at, or a debug option I can turn on to see more detail?

None of the logs in the "logs" folder seemed to be of any help.  Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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