Paging In Service Backed Record

Hi All,

We are using store procedure in the service backed record. We want to add the paging in that.

In the documentation It is given to add paging in integration call but as we are using the store procedure how to add paging.


Thanks In advance

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  • Hi Thanks..I'm planning to use the a!queryEntity to query a view of 100,000 rows as a data-source to Service backed record.This queryEntity will be supplied with all the search Text and filters from rspQuery (I'm planning to do all in one single rule as opposed to having 2 rules e.g. 1 for parsing rspQuery and other for calling the Tables/views ) So
    1.Does the rspQuery will take care of the next startIndex ? and does it mean I should fetch the paginginfo from the rspQuery into the paginginfo for query and rest will be taken care of ..?
    2.I'm concerned as if the returned result from queryEntity exceeds limit of 1 MB even after applying all the filter..then my record might stop working in future and I may have to redesign..So should I go queryEntity way or should I use the Stored Procedure as my Data-Source in place of queryEntity..
    3.If you say I have to choose the Stored proc..then how shall I use the rspQuery to increase startIndex for paging.
    Please advise.