Issues with CDT and process node

Hello All,

I'm facing two issues in one of the process model I have created. The two issues are as below

(i) I'm fetching some values inside a CDT in such a way that if it is not null i'm calling one of the process node to accomplish some task and if it is null then I'm just ending the process model. In the XOR gateway I wrote a logic to check for null and for that I have used if(or(isnull(pv!cdt),count(pv!cdt)=0)) but unfortunately its always considering the cdt as having some values and just going to one direction. To further Investigate I put the same logic in separate variable to see the result and its also showing isnull(pv!cdt) as false and count(pv!cdt) as 1 eventhough the cdt is completely null. Can someone tell me why exactly its happening?


(ii) Another issue is also related to process flow, Where I'm executing ldapsearch() function and to capture the users information. For some of the users their supervisor name is not correct. Hence, I'm correcting that information and calling update user profile smart service to update all the affected users profile in a loop. When process model executes, It updates the information of users if there is any issue in supervisor name the node status also shows as completed but the flow is not getting passed to next node, Instead it just remain stuck on update user profile smart service without any error. What would be the reason behind this?


Any suggestion here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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