Inserting data to table from an interface using process model


I'm new to Appian. I tried doing the following the steps to insert data to my table.

  1. Created a CDT with 3 elements
  2. Added the entity to the Appian datasource
  3. Created a form having 3 input text fields. Added 3 corresponding rule inputs and mapped them to 3 text fields by changing the "SaveTo" and "DisplayValue"  field for all 3 components . 
  4. Finally saved the interface as an action
  5. Added the form interface to my site.
  6. Edited the action created in step 3.(In Process modelling window ).
  7. Added a user input task in my process flow
  8. Added a write to datastore entity in my process flow
  9. saved and publish the process model.
  10. refreshed my site.

Whenever i enter any data in my text fields in the form, the data disappears when i click outside the text box (the screen reloads as well).

I want to insert data to DB on click of my submit button in the form. Am not sure if i have configured the data mappings properly in 'user input' and 'write to datastore entity'.

Can someone help me figuring out what the issue is?



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