Mapping a char(50) in Oracle with XSD in Appian

Hi all,

We are running into a strange issue.

We wanted to map a database column of type char(50) into a Appian string.

<xsd:element name="weekView" nillable="true" type="xsd:string">


          <xsd:appinfo source="appian.jpa">@Column(name="weekView" , columnDefinition="CHAR(50)" , length=50)</xsd:appinfo>



DB Column Definition:

CHAR(50 CHAR) [This does not work. This is the output of a view defined by DB team.]

VARCHAR2(255) [The output having varchar2(255) works but the output containing char(50 char) does not work. Even CHAR(1) works.]

How can I map char(50 char) to a Appian type.


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