Direct database access not possible

Hi, our client doesn't allow direct access to an MSSQL database due to compliance matters (unless it is via Active Directory, which as far as we understand is not possible with Appian - correct me if I'm wrong). The application should include displaying of any and all data in various places (records, dashboards, various visualizations...), as well as writing to the datastore. 

Is there any way how to solve this? Would for example REST API calls be viable, even with bigger data sets? Or would there possibly be a completely different way how to go about this?

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  • As far as I know (just in a big picture sense), if this client wants an Appian setup, the only truly feasible way to do it is that they will need to provide a database that Appian can access directly (assuming it's an on-premise install and not Cloud).

  • Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. 

    During set-up you must connect Appian to a DB directly in order to start it up (as it stores info about the system - news feed, CDT structures, etc). However, you are not required to directly connect to a DB to execute processes, access records, access reports, etc. You can use REST API calls as integrations to pull/post data, you can create service backed records, etc.

    Hope that adds a little clarity. Thanks