What Are The Views In Appian?

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    can you elaborate your question?

    If your think Views in DB go to W3 Schools and learn something .



  • A view in Database is a searchable object in that is defined by a query. It does not stores any data but retrieves data from more than one table at run time creating a virtual table and returning the variety of data in the defined format. It is created using Joins. When talking about views in Appian, it, at the first glance does not exists but we can create one by querying more than one table and then formatting the data retrieved from multiple tables using Appian dictionaries.

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  • If you're talking about interfaces and not database views:

    Views are configured on record types.

    The first page is always the "Summary View" and any additional interfaces are called "Additional Views"

    Their visibility and related action shortcuts can be set from the record type designer "Views" section.

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