login-audit.csv file - Rotation? Archival? Multiple files parsing?

Hi All,

We are working on parsing the login-audit.csv for last user login details to Appian.

1) The function named "getuserlastlogin" is reading only current day login-audit.csv file .. ?? No option to provide date as an i/p aswell. Any one who used this? will this work for only current day last login?

2) Log reader plugin (readcsvlogpagingwithheaders) or Login Information parser plugin-smart service, these will read only one log file for one time, to check user logged in to Appian system for 90days we need to run the function or smart service for 90 iteration ? do we have any other option here ??

3) And the rotation of login-audit.csv file is mentioned as every day in documentation, where can i get the exact time of rotation so that i can schedule my process after that ? (docs.appian.com/.../Logging.html

4) In my appiancolud login-auidt.csv's are there only 30days with named (login-audit.csv.yyyy-mm-dd) and before that files has append with .gz (login-audit.csv.2019-09-22.gz) what does this file mean ? is it archived ?and the function (readcsvlogpagingwithheaders) returned below

CsvContents logName: "/usr/local/appian/ae/logs//login-audit.csv_2019-09-21"

totalCount: -1

rows: null (List of Text String)

headers: null (List of Text String)

and smart service(Login Information parser plugin) throws exception as "null pointer"

5) Any Link for Archival settings of login-audit.csv and any default archive value?

Thanks you in advance!

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