Document migration from onprem to cloud environment

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We have an onprem environment where user upload documents for each request ( around 5 Lakh documents in total). If we go with the below approach it take more time then expected for the migration , approximately it takes 4 hours for migrating 1000 documents from onprem to cloud environment)

Onprem Process:

1. Identify the folder and docs in onprem , store the metadata(Folderid,DocId,Doc name....) in Temp table.

2. Move the documents to a File server location .

Cloud Process:

1. Iterate trough each record in the temp table

2. Download the file from file server and create a folder if required and move the document to folder.

3. Update the old folder id reference in the table with new folderid and document id

Do we have any built in solution provided by Appian on this document migration approach. any better approach to do run this process faster considering the document count is huge ?!?

I am considering other approaches like

1. Adding the metadata in the description of the document and use it in the cloud for retrieving the document from FTP and update the docid in the reference tables.

2. Any posibility of moving the document from onprem to cloud by creating an webapi service at both end and store the doc in folder and update the metadata in tables.

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