[Ask a Product Expert] 20.3 Records Q&A

As you may have seen in the Appian 20.3 release webinar (https://youtu.be/pUG8LTEcmq8, from 28:14 - 43:50), our latest release contains a number of improvements that notably change how you work with records. This includes:

  • using records as a data source for read-only grids, which also allows the grid to use the record type's actions, user filters, saved user filter preferences, and export to Excel capabilities
  • improved record list configuration and performance
  • the new record data type
  • referring to record data and fields in expressions with rv! and recordType!
  • the new a!queryRecordType() function
  • syncing record data into Appian for improved performance

I encourage you to watch the webinar first, as it has a lot of great information - I've linked directly to the section on records.

To help you successfully adopt these features into your next app, we have Appian product experts monitoring this thread. Reply here with the questions you have about how and when to use these features, and we'll help you succeed with them!

Additionally, we have produced a Release Showcase course that features delta training specific to the 20.3 release. Since it focuses on development practice changes implied by 20.3 features, it's a good fit for experienced practitioners.

Try it out!

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