Issue with grid selection when storing objects

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I'm trying this tutorial...

I'm interesting about the two code lines that enables to store the Object selected items :

selectionSaveInto {

  a!save(local!selectedVehicles, append(local!selectedVehicles, fv!selectedRows)),
  a!save(local!selectedVehicles, difference(local!selectedVehicles, fv!deselectedRows))

  All works fine, but could you explain me why when I'm try to set  local!selectedVehicles into a Rule Input. I obtain this error below please ?

I've just addied 2 lines of code :

a!localVariables (

   local!selectedVehicles : ri!selectedVehicles, /* that is the same type used for the grid data, CDT type with array values */


selectionSaveInto {


  a!save(ri!selectedVehicles, local!selectedVehicles)

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