data coming very late from DB and sometimes timing out

Hello Team,

We replicated our production application database into test environment to recreate some issue and observed a new issue.

On record type it is timing out, we started checking record type and on Default Filters we have id selected and below expression is there to bring id's based on user role below expression is for admins . if we are passing 1,-1 it is taking more than 7 seconds .

if we are passing 1,25 still it is taking same time or sometimes more than that. it is entity backed record and data is coming from view.

Note data is same on PROD and TEST , on PROD it is taking 1 second for 1,-1 and 7 MS for 1,25. What can be the issue ?

entity: cons!ABC_VIEW_DSE,
query: a!query(
selection: a!querySelection(
columns: {

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