How to create a record from a sql view


I have created an app that has multiple CDTs and created a MySQL View in the Appian Database. I would like to use this view as source for my record.

I am building a recruiting application. After each user task in the process model I write the data to a different CDT. The CDTs have foreign keys so that I can link the different tables via SQL:

candidate contains all the data about a candidate at the beginning of the process
phoneinterviewdate contains the candidateId and the date for the phoneInterview
assessment contains the candidateId and the data collected during the interview
interviewer contains the candidateId and the interviewers that were assigned to conduct the interview

When I try to build my record I am prompted to secify the datastore, but naturally the data store only references the connections between database-table and CDT.

How do I connect to the view that I have created in the Appian MySQL database?

Thanks in advance. Best regards Karl


I only decided to use multiple CDTs because I didn't know how to update a specific CDT-row from within a process and used the CDTs above to build a work-around. I need to solve either problem to get the app running:

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