Foreign key definition leads to CDT best practice warning message.


So I'm trying to implement the following simple domain model as part of a proof-of-concept.

The NM_NomenclatureNM_NomenclatureKind and NM_ValidityPeriod CDT's have been created as visualized in the domain model as can be seen below, id fields have been added as primary keys.

When adding the MostRecentValidityPeriod relationship to the NM_Nomenclature CDT as follows.

This generates a warning message stating that: "Multiple levels of nested data types detected. Consider creating a flat data type relationship instead to avoid nesting data types more than one level deep. Multiple levels of nested data types can complicate data access at child levels and reduce query performance."

This particular design choice is made as a denormalization because I expect frequent access to the relationship MostRecentValidityPeriod and this allows for a one-to-one access relationship to the most recent validity period without having to consider/filter the ValidityPeriods collection.

I don't understand right now what the warning is actually telling me, this doesn't seem like an illogical design choice to me but perhaps given the way Appian apps work I am in fact doing something which is implemented differently in Appian? I am new to Appian so it is well possible that I'm missing some of the more subtle concepts.

Thanks in advance for any clarification here!

Kind regards,


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