Access to previous and next records

I'm looking for a way to make it possible to page through a list of records from the view of a single record - that is, to add in BACK and NEXT buttons at the bottom of a single record view rather than returning to the list to reselect the next.

I understand from previous posters that this may be possible if you can access the list's index of the selected record, then decrement or increment into a local variable so your BACK and NEXT buttons will take the user to the correct record.

I have saved the queried list of records to a local variable. How does one access the index values of the records in that variable? Should I instead work from a read-only grid? fv!item will give me the entire record but no value I can reliably decrement or increment to get its neighbors, and fv!identifier will give me its unique identifier, but as records are constantly added and deleted that is also unreliable.

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