write to data store enitity

Problem:  An error occurred in executing an Activity Class.

Details:  An error occurred while trying to write to the entity "AX_Maintenance" [id=2ec391d4-a462-4e0e-92e4-b01ad2475087@3690, type=AX_Maintenance (id=3836)] (data store: AX Data Store). Details: org.hibernate.PropertyValueException: not-null property references a null or transient value: AXMaintenanceDT4830.vehicleid Data: TypedValue[it=3836,v={<null>,<null>,2021-11-25,0,o,Scheduled,<null>,<null>,<null>,<null>,<null>,srinivas.talasu@tcs.com,,,,2021-11-26,srinivas.talasu@tcs.com,2021-11-26,<null>}]

Recommended Action:  Examine the activity class to correct the error and then resume.

I am getting this error when I add details and storing it in data store. Can anyone help me to identify activity class

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