Sorting of Real time data in grid

 i have performed  calculation of some status staying  in  grid  and that is changing on everyday basis i am not storing that value in any database .

and that status calculation is happening and dependent on many field . how can i apply sorting when dependency of that data is not on any particular field.

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    Does it need to still be based on a VIEW?  Have you fully considered just scrapping the view and creating it as an Appian synched record?  It honestly might sound like a lot of work, but might actually be less work than it sounds.

    I would, of course, if you go that route, create the custom synched record first, then delete the VIEW if you really determine you don't need it anymore after you develop it.  That's what we did, though granted on a very small project.

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    in reply to Dave Lewis

    Yeah I would be interested in understanding why you chose to use a view. If you're doing joins to reference data or calculations most of those can instead be achieved through record relationships and custom record fields respectively.

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