Export grid data to Excel


I need an Export to Excel button to get an Excel file from the data in a grid (getting a report). I have tried to do it from different perspectives:

-I've tried to do it using CDTs (using the respective Smart Service tools Appian offers) wether it was in an Interface (in order to be able to download it there and then) or in the Process Modeler

-I've also tried the SQL to Excel plug in node (due to the data being the output of a stored procedure), once again in the Process Modeler (as far as I'm concerned, I haven't found a function with the same goal.

The closest I got was with the first option, but due to the changing nature of the project I am at the moment, the CDT I was using soon became obsolete and since then I've been trying to get around using one again without success.

P.D.: I'm using Appian Community Edition due to not really knowing the advantages of becoming an Appian partner/customer.

Thanks for your time,


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