Automate 'Export to Excel' of a Record with specific filters to then automatically email out

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I've got a Record pulling information from a SQL database. The Record displays all the relevant information in Tempo along with various filters to choose from (ie: date range, status type, user role). It also displays the 'Export to Excel' button.

I'd like to once per week have the Excel document with filters of my choice (eg: status type: Complete + user role: Front Desk) for the last 10000 entries automatically be created, attached to an email automatically, and emailed out automatically.

How do I achieve this? I've tried the 'Export DSE to Excel' node in a process model and then a 'Send Email' node. But I'm not sure how to have the 'Export DSE to Excel' node generate a document that has my filter requirements and the nice readable layouts the Record has. At the moment the 'Export DSE to Excel' node is just generating a document with all the entries from the db table I specified and it ain't pretty.

Can the 'Export DSE to Excel' node achieve this with more configuration or is there a better way to do all this? 

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