Date out of Date out of range (-740126)

Hi All,

We are using Orcle Database for our DB in Appian. Recently, our client want to display last updated record at the Top on Grid list. In order to fullfill this we introduce the UpdateOn[Oracle datatype date and Appian Datetime] column in our table, as we have more older record, it was hard to show updateOn date on them. We copied Created date[datatype Date in Oralce and  In Appian Datatime]. We see there are lot of record( more than 12000) which display date out of Range on updateOn column in Appian. Kindly see below.

Date out of range (-739921)

Date out of range (-739921)

3/10/2009 2:06 PM EDT

3/11/2009 3:10 PM EDT

Kindly help me here.


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  • Since the values are different, I assume this has to be a casting or transformation error.  Perhaps it's presented to a rule in one format, saved in another, sent to the database in another, and then you try to cast it as a date, and Appian breaks. 

    What if, for instance, something misinterpreted 08/26/2008 as 8 divided by 26 further divided by 2008, or 8,262,008?  What if the timestamps rolled into some faulty calculation?  Are they a Date column in the database, or a Date and Time column?

    By the way, todate(-73992) comes out to a date in 1832, about 190 years ago.  So if Appian accepted these dates, they'd be somewhere in the first or second century AD, around 1900 years ago.

  • Thank you for your kind reply. this was happening due to bad data and has been taken care by our DB team.

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